New! Waterproof Ankle Legging - The Wind Tour™

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The bestselling Mountainskin™ Waterproof Ankle Legging - The Wind Tour™ are still available!

Imagine being on top of the mountain and after a long hike a lot of water has seeped into your shoe from all the snow? Or you are out in the forest, and find a bugs getting into your shoe. Hate that feeling?  Then these are the PERFECT leggings for you. Many avid outdoors-men have sworn by these leggings for years. The revolutionary lightweight design changes the way you traverse the outdoors.

  • Perfect for hiking, skiing, climbing or exploring the rain forest!
  • Windproof yet breathable, these bestselling leggings have optional fleece lining on the inside to keep you warm.
  • Weighing next to nothing, these ankle leggings are lightweight and perfect for all day adventurers.
  • Please use drop down menu to find the perfect color for you!
  • One size fits all!